Remove Pet Odors and Stains Guaranteed!

OdorZyme® is up to 150% Stronger than the leading competitor!
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Use OdorZyme® for More Than Just Urine Odors and Stains

  • Effective against all organic odors and stains: pet accidents, vomit, spilled food and drink, spoiled food, human wastes, mold, and more!
  • Use on carpets, draperies, walls, floors, diaper pails, toilets, garbage cans, dishwashers.
  • Removes smoke from bedding, carpets, drapes and more...
  • Penetrates wood to get at pet urine residues.
  • Safe for wood, vinyl, porcelain, concrete, metal, painted surfaces, and most fabrics.
  • Environmentally tested. Certified biodegradable.

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More OdorZyme uses!

Pet Urine Odors and Stains - If you have a pet urine odors (Cat or Dog!),OdorZyme® urine odor and stain removal is a must for your home. OdorZyme® works with both fresh pet stains and those that have been there for years! No hard scrubbing ! Just spray it on and the enzymes go to work! OdorZyme® does NOT cover up the stain! It removes the odor and stain permanently!

Bathroom surface smells- Have carpet in your bathroom? Then you have odor. Use OdorZyme® around toilets and wet areas to rid your bathroom of unpleasant odors.

Auto upholstery and carpet odors & stains-OdorZyme®will not harm your carpet and upholstery. Apply to affected area liberally and allow to dry. Odor and stains are GONE!

Shoe odor - It couldn't be easier! Simply POUR OR SPRAY OdorZyme® in your stinkiest shoes and allow to dry. The active enzymes will quickly consume all of the odor causing protein that regular detergents do NOTHING to remove.

Formula stains on baby clothes- NOTHING works better than OdorZyme® on pesky formula stains! Baby formula is protein-rich and the perfect feast for our hungry enzymes!

Food stains on clothing - Treat stain as soon as possible. Apply OdorZyme® full-strength to tough clothing stains and allow to dry, then launder as usual.

Underarm stains and body-odor on clothing - Before washing, spray OdorZyme® liberally on affected areas and allow to dry. Then wash as usual.

Smelly garbage cans- THE BEST for the rankest garbage cans... Apply liberally, repeat if needed. Never combine OdorZyme® with other detergents, our powerful enzymes like to work alone!

Cooking odors- Apply OdorZyme® to fabrics and porous surfaces, allow to dry.

Mattress odors- Finally, an easy, EFFECTIVE way to remove mattress odors. Saturate affected area LIBERALLY.OdorZyme® must come in contact with cause of odor. Allow to dry.

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